Our Fight to have #Dekalb County finances audited was successful. The DeKalb Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to hire KPMG, a financial services firm, to probe the county’s widespread billing inaccuracies. The water overbilling, misappropriations of funds and defrauding the citizens of Dekalb county has gone on for far too long. Thousands of citizens, including myself, have written, called and emailed our #Congressman several times to no avail. Either he is too busy, too lazy or just don’t care about the citizens of Dekalb county.

” As thousands of frustrated residents are facing high water bills, DeKalb CEO Mike Thurmond apologized Tuesday for the county’s mistakes and told them to expect relief.

Some of those in attendance said they’ll give Thurmond an opportunity to correct the problem, but they’ve already been fighting the county for months.

I just want them to fix this, said Tess Snipes, who lives near Stone Mountain and saw her bill jump from less than $100 to more than $300 last year. “Water is basic, but metering and billing is more complex. I want things to work.”

“The highest bill was last August. That was almost $5,000,” said resident Joe Arrington, who was told some good news by county workers, Tuesday. “The account had been closed or cleared. I love the word ‘cleared’; that’s what I’m waiting for verification for,” he said.

It is very disheartening that working families, veterans and senior citizens must beg the county to stop defrauding us with overpriced water bills and several other unscrupulous tactics. We don’t need another excuse we need a new #Leader. #Vote Ryan Guillory Sr. for Congress 2018. I will show them how to get the Job Done and I will show them the #Door. #VoteGuillory2018 #NewLeadership #ThePeoplesChamp

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