Economic Development Initiative

Ryan Guillory Sr. will work with contractors and developers in Georgia an other states in America to draw businesses and create jobs. I will not rest until we have effectively created more jobs with competitive salaries for the people. Join me and let’s puts citizens Back to Work.

An effective Comprehensive Plan provides a vision that describes the future of the community and provides guidelines for the implementation of the vision. The comprehensive planning process is an important management tool for developing and creating a strong, vibrant and healthy community with participation by citizens, elected officials and other key stakeholders.

“The City of Lithonia’s unique and small town character will be protected and enhanced while improving the visual and aesthetic quality of its downtown; and becoming a model of development with global appeal. The City will support programs and activities that promote healthy lifestyles, sidewalks, walking trails and greenspace; nurture our children and youth through educational and recreational activities; and provide a safe, clean and family-friendly environment. The City will strive for diversification and balanced growth with a focus on development that preserves existing amenities and historical resources; encourages economic growth and business creation; promotes diversity in housing options; and creates sustainability in harmony with the environment that will enhance the quality of life socially, culturally, and economically for its residents.”

The Lithonia Housing Authority is one of the major property owners in the City with approximately 175 housing units of which 75 are public housing. The public housing consists of one-story brick structures scattered throughout Lithonia and are in relatively standard condition. The existing facades are in need of architectural enhancements and modernization such as roof pitches, porches, and windows that are compatible with the existing single-family housing. In addition to façade improvements, the properties require additional lighting and landscaping, particularly at the property on Johnson Street, which is along the route of the new multi-purpose greenway trail developed by PATH and the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Preserve. Preliminary Recommendations: Create façade improvements to existing Lithonia public housing units that incorporate design elements of existing residential homes; Incorporate new lighting and greenspace and landscape enhancements.