Fighting Crime

Reducing Crime and Protecting our citizens.

We will work diligently to enhance current police services and petition Dekalb county to raise the salary for our Police officers. Fighting crime in Lithonia is a very important initiative for this administration. If we want to reduce crime we must help provide our police officers with a competitive salary. Everyday another Lithonia citizen is victimized by senseless crime. They are either robbed, property break ins, property damage, vehicle theft, assaults etc.. Ryan Guillory Sr. will work to strengthen the police force and ensure our officers are properly paid, trained and positioned to fight crime accurately.

Another common problem that’s overlooked is Gang activity in our community. Some of the gangs in our area include Black Mobb, Da Fam, Glenwood Goons, Georgia Mafia, Mafia Made, Bounty Hunna Blood, G Shine, NTG, Treetop Piru, Insane MOB Gang, Rolling 20s, 30’s, 60’s, Paybacc Crips, Grape Street, 8 Trey, KGC, 83rd Street Gangsta Crips and IDK. Ryan Guillory Sr. will not rest until he eradicate and erase crime and gangs in Lithonia.

We understand that jail is not always the answer to crime, some young adults/teens need guidance and a better way of life. However, the safety of our citizens is very important and we will fight crime until our city is safe. If you are tired of hearing gunshots at night and witnessing home robberies,  join our movement and Lets make a change in Lithonia. Get Involved by clicking here. We need your help to make Lithonia a safer place to live.

Here is the plan to fight crime

  1. Raise the salary for our police officers.
  2. Heavy Police presence in High crime areas.
  3. Having officers write crime reports on mobile computers while parked in their cars in different neighborhoods and business areas. That police presence could discourage or prevent criminal activity.
  4. Making periodic checks of people, who are on parole or probation and repeat offenders.
  5. Strengthen, encourage and help fund more Home owners associations in our city.
  6. Work to curb juvenile crime. The juvenile justice system is not working, and it needs reform.