President Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen to a new low, a national poll showed Thursday.

Of 1,503 people surveyed, 32 percent approved of the way Trump is handling his job as president — the lowest level since he took office, the latest poll by Pew Research Center shows.

The president’s job approval has dropped from 34 percent in October, and from 39 percent in February a few weeks after his inauguration.

The Pew poll also found that the president is losing support among Republicans. Currently, 76 percent of Republicans and those who lean toward the Republican party approve of the president’s job performance, down from 84 percent who did so in February.

“Since Trump became president, his job approval ratings have been more polarized than past presidents during their first year in office. That remains the case today, but his job ratings are lower today among Republicans than they were in February,” Pew said in its report.

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