The Cobb County chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is calling for fairness in how Cobb schools discipline students for walking out of school in protest.

The civil rights group announced it will hold a 3:45 p.m. news conference today outside of Pope High School “to address concerns expressed by student organizers, students and parents regarding the continuing ambiguous threats of disparate consequences for Cobb students’ electing to participate in the nationwide March 14th Walk-Out against gun violence and in support of the victims of the deadly Parkland school shooting in Florida.”

Some metro Atlanta school districts such as Atlanta and DeKalb have said they will not punish students for peacefully participating in walkouts taking place Wednesday across the nation, while Cobb leaders have said students will be disciplined. District officials have declined to publicly detail what exact punishment students will receive, and issued a vague statement that said  students “may be subject to consequences in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.” Students have said school administrators have provided changing or contradictory information about how they will be disciplined for walking out.

“We want to assure Cobb students and parents that our national organizations and legal advisors will have their backs and be monitoring walk-outs to make sure that any consequences which result are fair and not excessive or disparate,” said Gary Pelphrey, Cobb SCLC attorney, in a written statement.

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