While serving as a congressman from Kansas, Pompeo criticized the attempt by President Barack Obama to close down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“GTMO has been a goldmine of intelligence about radical Islamic terrorism. I have traveled to GTMO and have seen the honorable and professional behavior of the American men and women in uniform, who serve at the detention facility,” Pompeo said in a Nov. 18, 2016, statement.

Pompeo was also against any prisoner transfers from Guantanamo saying, “The detainees at GTMO are treated exceptionally well, so well that some have even declined to be resettled, instead choosing to stay at GTMO.”

He added: “It is delusional to think that any plan the president puts before Congress to relocate radical Islamic terrorists to the U.S, and potentially Fort Leavenworth Kansas, will make our country safer. The reality is that this proposal will ultimately put Kansans and Americans in danger.”

It remains to be seen if Pompeo agrees with Trump’s push for harsh interrogation techniques such as waterboarding. Trump’s pick to succeed Pompeo at the CIA, Deputy Director Gina Haspel, is known for her role in the agency’s “black site” prison program, in which terrorism suspects were detained and tortured.

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